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Come over to the show to see Automatic Boat Fender in action! 

Recently I saw in action a very exciting bow fender product. We all know that hanging the bow fenders on cruisers, speedboats and many other boats is a major hassle. So, a local company found a clever solution: Automatic Fender™. Using them one can dock without leaving the Cockpit!


The Automatic Fenders deploy the bow fenders with a single push of a button, without the need to climb on the boat's bow/deck. The fenders are stored horizontally under the railing, almost invisibly. The Automatic Fenders are made of a white, shiny PolyCarbonate/ABS and blend nicely with the boat; making them almost invisible. 


Fender height from the water is set to support different height docks and rafting/tethering (boat to boat) tying. Installation and operation is very easy, requiring only three clamps to connect (no drilling). No electrical connection to the boat is required. The Automatic Fender comes with a rechargeable battery, charged using a solar cell Bluetooth communication. 


The Automatic Fenders can be controlled from any location on the boat, and are delivered with a unique username and password to prevent unauthorized operation and deter theft. The Automatic Fenders work with different size center (through) hole fenders. 

From all fender Baskets and fender storage solutions they are the best looking. The fenders are stored horizontally under the railing, not blocking the captain's view. 


This is literally one of the most innovative and unique products I have seen in years, and the best thing: they are designed and manufactured right here in the California Delta! 

Bill Wells

Chairman, California Delta Chambers & Visitor’s Bureau

Editor, Yachtsman Magazine

Link to the article page

Yachtsman magazine featuring Automatic Fender in “What’s New & Hot”. We are proud to be featured in the most respectful and largest distribution boating magazine in Northern California!
Our Automatic Fenders are participating in the America’s Great Loop cruise! 


Jim and Pat started the Cruise late March (2019) on their 35 Mainship from Florida. The loop goes through the Gulf Intracoastal Waterways, the Great Lakes, Canadian Heritage Canals, and the inland rivers of America's heartland.

During their cruise Jim and Pat are visiting: Florida, Georgia, South and North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, new England, new York, Canada, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky,  Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama and back to Florida.


What a fun cruising adventure!!!

Integrated Marine Systems (IMS) selects Automatic Fenders for their product line.

We are proud to be selected by Integrated Marine Systems (IMS) to be part of their products family.

IMS is the premier marine equipment distributor in Southern California.

Automatic Fender in the news

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Automatic Fender Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property



This unique product is protected by eight granted patents and three additional pending patents.


The patents cover different aspects of the innovative concept, software, hardware and mechanical design of this product.

The Automatic Fender™ Hardware Design

The Automatic Fender™ incorporates state of the art motor control with Bluetooth Smart Low Energy technology.


The controller board connects seamlessly to either iPhone or an Android phone to control the fender via the Automatic Fender App.


We made sure the electronics are suitable for the harsh environment of salt water and the daily high to low temperature variations.



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