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The Automatic Fender Torque (AFT) is our larger cruiser product, supporting center hole fenders up to 12x34”. It has same significantly smaller enclosure, same technology, and all improvements as the 6th generation Automatic Fender. Shipments starting December this year (2022). Pre-order now!

As of 9/8/2022 we are now shipping out Northern California Orders

Hanging the bow fenders on many boats is uncomfortable. Now, using the Automatic Fender™, we can dock without leaving the Cockpit!

The Automatic Fender deploys the bow fenders with a single push of a button, without the need to climb onto the boat's bow/deck. The fenders are stored horizontally under the railing, almost invisibly. The Automatic Fenders are made of a very durable, white and shiny Polycarbonate/ABS material. They blend nicely with the boat; making them almost invisible. 

Fender height from the water is set to support different height docks and rafting/tethering (boat to boat) tying.  Operation and installation are very simple: only three clamps to connect (no drilling). The Automatic Fender comes with a rechargeable battery, charged using a solar cell and Bluetooth communication. 

To avoid expert installation or any electrical connection to the boat, we made significant investments in extremely low power design, large solar cell, large batteries and easy to install clamps. For maintenance-free long-lasting operation, all electronic parts are sealed and conformal coated. 

It takes only 2 sunny days a year for the upward facing solar to keep the batteries fully charged. 

  • Supports center (through) hole fenders up to 12x34" for larger cruisers

  • Deploy/Lift with a single push

         of a button

  • Beautiful, very strong and durable Polycarbonate/ABS product

  • Fenders stored horizontally under the railing, almost invisibly

  • Very simple installation & operation

  • No electrical connection to the boat, built in Solar and Bluetooth 

  • Memorizes line length for your docking site

  • Supports tethering/rafting​​

The Automatic Fender supports operation even in cloudy regions and covered docking. The horizontally facing, large solar, provides defused light charging in shaded areas. 

Due to its large battery and very efficient power operation, the Automatic Fender can be stored for winter in an indoor storage and will still retain power until Summer. It will retain power even if the boat stays in storage for winter! 

The Automatic Fenders can be controlled from any location on the boat, and are delivered with a unique username and password to prevent unauthorized operation and deter theft. The Automatic Fender supports up to and including 10” center (through) hole fenders (28” in length). 


The Automatic Fender eases bow fenders deployment in Cruisers, Fishing boats, Offshores, Speedboats, and any boat with inconvenient bow access. In most boats, stern access is convenient; therefore, we do not promote the Automatic Fender for the stern fenders. In large boats the Automatic Fenders can be used as the bow and midship fenders. 


From all fender Baskets and fender storage solutions they are the best looking. The fenders are stored horizontally under the railing, not blocking the captain's view. 

Designed and manufactured in California, USA. Shipping worldwide.

Deploy fenders from the Cockpit. Eliminate Fender inconvenience & risk!

An Automatic Fender Torque box includes:

  • The ordered amount of Automatic Fenders Torque.

  • Username and password (requires Apple iOS, Android or Amazon Fire device).

  • ALL required parts for a guard rail with stanchion installation including clamps, bolts and nuts. 

  • Care & Operation Instructions.

Automatic Boat Fender Application

Use the app store to download the Boat Innovation Application on your phone or tablet.

App Iconldpi.png

Questions? Contact us at: or +1 (925) 418 2448.

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