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The 8th generation Automatic Fenders are a major improvement! A significantly smaller enclosure was achieved due to a major redesign. They support center hole fenders up to 8.5x20” for small to mid-size cruisers.

The Automatic Fender deploys the bow fenders with a single push of a button, without the need to climb onto the boat's bow/deck. 

Fender height from the water is set to support different height docks and rafting/tethering (boat to boat) tying.  Operation and installation are very simple: only three clamps to connect: no drilling and no electrical connection to the boat. The Automatic Fender is self-contained using a rechargeable battery, charged using a solar cell and Bluetooth communication. 

To avoid expert installation or any electrical connection to the boat, we made significant investments in extremely low-power design, large solar cell, large batteries and easy to install clamps. For maintenance-free long-lasting operation, all electronic parts are sealed and conformal coated. 


 It takes only 2 sunny days a year for the upward facing solar to keep the batteries fully charged. The Automatic Fender supports operation even in cloudy regions and covered docking.


  • Supports center (through) hole fenders up to 8.5x20" for small or mid-size cruisers.

  • Deploy/Lift with a single push

         of a button.

  • Very simple installation & operation

  • No electrical connection to the boat, self-contained, using built-in Solar and Bluetooth.

  • Memorizes line length for your docking site.​​

For more installation images, please visit our Testimonial Page

Deploy fenders from the Cockpit. Eliminate Fender inconvenience & risk!

An Automatic Fender 8 box includes:

  • The ordered amount of Automatic Fenders.

  • Username and password (requires Apple iOS, Android or Amazon Fire device).

  • ALL required parts for a guard rail with stanchion installation including clamps, bolts and nuts. 

  • Care & Operation Instructions.

Automatic Boat Fender Application
Automatic Fender 6 Package

Use the app store to download the Boat Innovation Application on your phone or tablet.

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Questions? Contact us at: or +1 (925) 418 2448.

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