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Automatic and Power Fender Support

Please follow our Installation or FAQ pages for support. You are welcome to Contact us with any question, request or improvement idea you may have. We in Boat Innovation® are committed to provide you with the best customer support and experience.

Dock without leaving Cockpit. Automatic Boat Fender. Solution: hang Cruiser yacht buoy no problem difficulty risk basket

Automatic Boat Fender for yachts, cruisers and sailboats. Eliminate fender or buoy hassle and risk

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Automatic Boat Fender Installation


To download Automatic Fender Care and Operation Instructions, please click on the image below.

To download Power Fender Care and Operation Instructions, please click on the image below.




Use the app store to download the Boat Innovation Application on your phone.

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Automatic and Power  Fender Frequently Asked Questions

Which fender types are supported?

 The Automatic and Power Fender works with different size center (through) hole fenders.

Where are the products designed and manufactured?

The Automatic Fender is both designed and manufactured in Silicon Valley, California.


How long is the installation process?

An Automatic Fender installation takes about 15 minutes, the Power Fender installation takes about 1 hour.

Which tools are needed during the installation?

A Screwdriver, a Measurement tape and a 1⁄2” Wrench.

Can the Automatic Fender be added as an aftermarket product ?

Yes, to the vast majority of cruisers. This is the main focus of the company. Please contact us if you have any questions specific to your boat.

Do I still need fender baskets to store my fenders?

No, the fenders are stored horizontally under the railing, almost invisible eliminating the need for fender baskets (fender Racks, Holders, Hangers and Cages). 

What is the enclosure material?

For the enclosure we are using a white beautiful PolyCarbonate/ABS.

Do you deliver out of the US?

Yes, we deliver worldwide. You can buy directly from us or through our local distribution partners.

Where can we buy your products? 

You can buy through our distribution partners or directly on our web site:

Do you have a distributor in the UK?

Yes, Go Earth are one of the leading boating companies in the UK with a breath of services; including Automatic Fender consultation and sales:

Do you have a distributor in Southern California?

Yes, Integrated Marine are one of the leading boating companies in Southern California with a breath of services; including Automatic Fender consultation and sales:

Do you deliver to Canada?

Yes, we deliver worldwide. You can buy directly from us or through our local distribution partners.

What are your shipment costs?

The shipment costs are very reasonable, the defers by shipment destination. Please proceed to the shop page. You will be notified of the shipment cost BEFORE being asked to make a payment.


What is the product’s waterproofing class, can it handle saltwater splashes?

Yes, they can. The units are sealed, and all electrical components are also conformal coated. There is a YouTube review where the reviewer is throwing an Automatic Fender in the water, picking it up and it works flawlessly. Please find it in Small craft cruising. Our lab tour also provides a lot of details on the sealing, coating and durability of the product. You can find it in the AutomaticFender home page or in our YouTube channel.


Can the Fenders be controlled separately?

Yes, you can control a single Automatic or Power Fender, or two at a time, or 3 at a time or all at once. For example, you can deploy the Port side to dock level and having friends tie up to your Starboard; you can deploy the Starboard Fenders to Rub rail height.


What are the unit's dimensions, including the depth. How much does it recessed into the walking area?

The unit recesses only 3” into the walking area, it is very thin. The whole unit's thickness is 4” and 1” out of the 4 is under the railing. It will not interfere with your deck walking. It does not stick beyond the railing. There is also an option to install the unit beyond the railing, and then it doesn't recess into the walking area at all. 

Unit dimensions: 

main body 4.75 x 4 x 11.5”

widest point 7.75 x 4 x 11.5"

You can find all units specifications in the specifications document at the Automatic or Power Fender page


Will these work on a smaller open bow boat? We have a 2008 chaparral 204 SSI. When we are taking it in saltwater that may be rougher, we keep the bow cover on.

Yes, if  your boat has railing it will work great, the best example is the speedboat below:

Automatic Boat Fender-0010.jpg
Automatic Boat Fender-0007.jpg

The Automatic Fender Frequently Asked Questions:

How is Automatic Fender ownership transferred if the boat is sold?

How easy is it to transfer to a new owner?

The Automatic Fenders have to be sent in to reprogram or can it be done on site with some authorization by the company?

Transferring ownership is very simple. The original owner needs to send an email from the original owners email, asking to transfer ownership. The email needs to include the original and new owners email address and phone numbers. It takes Boat Innovation about 5 minutes to confirm identity and make the transfer. There is no requirement to send the Automatic Fenders back to us for the transfer. The Automatic Fenders do not need to be removed from the boat to make the transfer. The whole transfer is done via software; over the air. 


How long does the Lithium Ion battery last before replacement?

The Lithium Ion batteries will last for over 15 years. Please find full details on the battery longevity in the Automatic Fender page under Battery longevity


Does the Automatic Fender need an electrical connection to the boat?

The Automatic Fender does not require any electrical connection to the boat and does not require a 3-way switch installation. Control is wireless and power is provided by internal rechargeable batteries which are recharged from a solar cell on the top of the Automatic Fender.The Automatic Fender installation is simpler than the Power Fender installation. 

Which communication technology is being used ?

The Automatic Fender communication is Bluetooth which is available in most SmartPhones and Tablets today.


Is there a lock available to protect the automatic fenders from theft?

Yes, they come with username and password. Only you and whoever you provide the password to, will be able to operate them. You can also lock the clamps, but we never saw any installation with clamps locked as the username/password already protects the Automatic Fenders.


Are the Automatic Fenders delivered charged or do they need charging before installation?

They come charged, they will work immediately after installation.


Where do I find the account name and password for the initial setup.

You will find all the information in the AUTOMATIC FENDER CARE AND OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS. Your username is the email address you used while purchasing and the password is in the AUTOMATIC FENDER CARE AND OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS.

Which operating systems are supported?

Automatic Fender is available both on the iOS and Android stores.  Automatic Fenders requires iOS version 7 and Android version 4.4 or newer.

What is the power source of the Automatic Fender?

The Automatic Fender has internal rechargeable batteries which are recharged from a solar cell located on the top of the Automatic Fender.


The Power Fender Frequently Asked Questions:


What type of electrical connection to the boat and a switch needs to be installed?

We provide the switch; it is a 3-way switch. It looks similar to other switches on most cruiser dashboards. The electrical line provided needs to be connected to the boat’s power. You can connect it to power on the dashboard or cigarette lighter or fuse box.

The Automatic Fender does not require any electrical connection to the boat and does not require installing a 3-way switch. The Automatic Fender installation is simpler than the Power Fender installation. 


What are the extra steps involved installing Power versus Automatic fenders. 

It takes about 15 minutes to install an Automatic Fender, it takes about an hour to install a Power fender.  The Automatic Fender does not need any power connection to the boat, you only connect 3 clamps to the railing. The Automatic Fender is 100% self-contained having a large battery powered by Solar. 

The additional effort of installing a Power Fender is routing an electrical line from the Power Fender to your dashboard, adding a switch and connecting them to the boat's power. We provide the switch and the electrical line. In most boats you will find few unused accessory switches, most of our customers replace them with the power fender switch. It is same effort as adding new lights (routing an electrical line and adding switches to the dashboard). 

Please feel free to call me if you need any additional clarifications: 925 418 2448. We are based in California. 


Do I control the Power Fenders from my phone?

The Power Fender’s control is from a 3 way switch. The Automatic Fender control is from your phone or tablet. Please find a detailed comparison in the Automatic Fender and in the PowerFender pages.


It looks like for the Power Fender, you run the power cord to the battery. But for the one which has a standalone battery it's a bit more expensive

The Automatic is a bit more expensive but still very reasonably priced. The Automatic has a large Lithium Ion battery, solar panels, an electronic card with a processor and Bluetooth. All sealed, conformal coated and to Marine specifications to make sure you can enjoy all for many years to come. Please compare to plotter or other marine products and you will find the Automatic Fender to be very reasonably priced.




Please contact us with any questions that you may have at: or +1-925-418-2448.

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