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Automatic Boat Fender for yachts, cruisers and sailboats. Eliminate fender or buoy hassle and risk


Automatic Boat Fender Installation

Solution: hang Cruiser yacht buoy no problem difficulty risk basket


To download Automatic Fender Care and Operation Instructions, please click on the image.



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Automatic Fender FAQ

Which operating systems are supported?

Automatic Fender is available both on the iOS and Android stores.  Automatic Fenders requires iOS version 7 and Android version 4.4 or newer.

Which fender types are supported?

 The Automatic Fender works with different size center (through) hole fenders.

Where is the product designed and manufactured?

The Automatic Fender is both designed and manufactured in Silicon Valley, California.

How long is the installation process?

An Automatic Fender installation should take about 30 minutes.

What is the power source of the Automatic Fender

The Automatic Fender has internal rechargable batteries which are recharged from a solar cell located on the top of the Automatic Fender.

Which tools are needed during the installation?

Only a phillips type screw driver.

Does the product need electrical connection to the boat?

No, all control is wireless and power is provided by internal rechargable batteries which are recharged from a solar cell on the top of the Automatic Fender.

Can the Automatic Fender be added as an aftermarket product ?

Yes, to the vast majority of cruisers. This is the main focus of the company. Please contact us if you have any questions specific to your boat.

Do I still need fender baskets to store my fenders?

No, the fenders are stored horizontally under the railing, almost invisible eliminating the need for fender baskets (fender Racks, Holders, Hangers and Cages). 

What is the enclosure material?

For the enclosure we are using a white beautiful PolyCarbonate/ABS.

Which communication technology is being used ?

The Automatic Fender communication is BlueTooth which is available in most SmartPhones and Tablets today.

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